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Quality – The best business strategy!
We provide the necessary technology!

We provide the complete technical solution in an optimum package of test equipment, software, IT infrastructure & C, know-how and technical support. We offer systems for complex testing of materials and/or components through destructive and non-destructive testing/testing for the automotive industry, aerospace industry, electronics industry, metalworking, polymers and elastomers but also for the building materials industry.
We provide the most advanced technologies and technical/informational support to optimize the production process and achieve the maximum quality level for customers’ materials and products.

The main goal is to provide you at least one effective solution in the field of material testing.
Once found and accepted by you we focus our efforts to deliver it quickly so that you can extract maximum advantages as soon as possible.

This is our promise and for it we offer guarantee!

We, Vector Quality Group, are a young and ambitious team consisting of people with over 12 years of experience in testing the quality of materials and/or finished products. We provide efficient technical solutions and laboratory equipment to test the quality of materials and/or finished products. We are actively present in the Romanian market where we want to impose ourselves as the first source of solving your needs. In the field. We are continuously responding to requests from Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia.

With time we have accumulated experience and know-how. We have offered support to partners from various industrial branches for controlling and enhancing product quality as well as process optimization. Now, we are close friends with many of them. We have learned and exchanged experience with you, our friends and partners. We received criticism when I deserved but many thanks when we excelled.

We have evaluated the situation and all its aspects.

And we understood that we can do more for you. The market soon confirmed that there is even an uncovered need for this. So we decided to continue the work in the same field but on our way, with our vision. We are oriented towards the client, his needs and a long-term collaboration. Our vision is to always have an effective solution for your needs, to provide additional guarantees and flexibility.

Reliable transfer is done gradually but we strive to obtain the status of the first source of solutions for the production and quality department of your company.

We concentrate our efforts on two directions. These are a priority for us. We have chosen the ones at which we have accumulated the greatest experience and have made ourselves known.

The first priority direction is the sphere of mechanical testing (tests, determinations and analyses) for basic materials (metals, polymers, elastomers, textiles, wood and derived from timber, glass or building materials) and for elements, components or assemblies in the automotive, aerospace/aeronautical, railway and naval industries. This sphere also comprises two main lines. One of them is the determination of dimensional, aesthetic and functional stability through climate simulation. The other is reserved for the determination of chemical properties of materials by thermal analysis.

The second priority direction is the electronic industry. For these we offer the complete package of applications/methods of mechanical stress tests and specific quality control tests. More details are found here.


VectorQ Team

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